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He is the son of Gribaldi and Lominka

Sport Horse Breeding News :

Dressage Super Sires Moorlands Totilas Gribaldi and Kostolany at the helm!

Hardly a surprising result as the worlds dressage heart throb "Moorlands Totilas" (Gribaldi x Glendale (Nimmerdor) ridden by Dutchman Edward Gal wins the FEI WORLD CUP DRESSAGE Grand Prix Freestyle to Music with yet another fabulous performance scoring an outstanding 92.3 points at Olympia in 2009. (Photo: Edward Gal winning at Olympia 2009 on Moorland's Totilas)

This outstanding black Stallion was approved in 2009 by the KWPN based on the stallions unquestionable success. Before he came to world wide fame there were whispers around the Internet of this incredible black beauty and sure enough as the videos started to appear on You Tube amongst other resources he gained almost over night popularity, it can be said that Totilas is very much the "Susan Boyle" of the dressage world.

(Photo Courtesy of Arnd Bronkhorst) So just what has contributed to his outstanding ability to perform? Undeniably his sire the black Trakener stallion Gribaldi approved by the KWPN in 1996 has most definitely added refinement and elegance to the mix, however he himself only finished 11th at his stallion test in Ermello, with his stallion test comments stating "Gribaldi is an honest, reliable, steady stallion. He is more than sufficiently willing to work and lets himself to be worked well. The walk is big and active. In the trot the stallion should bring the hind leg underneath more actively. The canter has good scope and power and he carries himself well. In dressage the stallion carries himself well and works well. As a dressage horse Gribaldi has a lot of talent and gives his rider a good feeling. His scores were modest with only a 7.5 for his trot and an 8 for walk and canter.

From his first foal crop the KWPN reported, This stallion showed a uniform collection of more than sufficient to well developed foals. They show a lot of breeding and expression and are in sufficient rectangular model. The foals are of the riding type and have remarkable forehands. In movement the foals have flat use of the foreleg, the hind leg should be brought under the body more. The scope and suppleness are sufficient. The head is very pretty. The foals have a lot of poll. The neck has good form and muscling but should sometimes be more developed. The average shoulder is good in regards to length and placement; the muscling is also good. The back is well muscled but some foals should have more reach. The loins are sufficiently connected. The foreleg is generally correct. In a few cases the foreleg is a little fragile and tight. The hind leg is correct and the gaskin is sufficiently muscled. The trot is big and has sufficient suppleness. The foals trot with sufficient scope and suppleness. They should push off better, the hind leg should be brought underneath more and the foreleg is flat. The foals should also push off better in the canter and the foreleg stays flat. Photo "Brazilian Lambada" - Gribaldi x Goodtimes (Nimmerdor) Courtesy of Solaris Sport Horses

Gribaldi received criticism from some breeders world wide who appeared to home in on the observations of a poor use of the hind leg as was reported in both his stallion test and his foal report yet others placed their faith in this incredible stallion and bred him to their powerful moving mares frequently mares with strong jumping bloodlines to aid with maintaining loss of the canter, as is very much the case of Totilas.

If we look at his pedigree we find that he was born out of the Elite mare "Lominka" by another of the KWPN's stallions, "Nimmerdor" (Farn x Korridon) son Glendale (Nimmerdor x Marco Polo - yet another Trakehner approved Thoroughbred, tracing back to the ster preferent prestatie mare "Viola" who when line bred produced us the International showjumping stallion "Okidoki" by Jodokus x Topas. The first of her sons "Platini" by Balzflug has competed successfully to ZZ-L (Advanced Four-tempi changes, ¼ canter pirouette) and her second son by TCN Partout competed up to ZZ-Z (Advanced Three-tempi changes)

However in 2000 "Moorland's Totilas" was born and subsequently "Lominka" has produced the full sister "Uusminka" granted "Ster" status and a further three full brothers, Buzzard, Creon and Danzig. It is perhaps the outstanding combination of this mare line that holds no less than three Prestatie mares, maternal grand dam "Elza" (Akteur x Pericles xx) herself a successful dressage mare, Wuminka and Viola.

Another intersting observation of this super stars pedigree is the influence of the Holstein stallion "Akteur" (Amor x Sineada) approved into the Gelders book in stallion 1964

Gribaldi is very much a sire of sires, with over a dozen approved sons, Anky Van Grunsven's mount "Painted Black" (Gribaldi x Ferro) who was initially failed by the KWPN at his first stallion inspection based primarily on the consensus of the jury that the use of his hind limbs was "insufficient" "Game Boy" and Painted Black II Approved by the NRPS out of yet another exceptionally powerful mare by Pion x G Ramiro Z, and to-date the five Trakehner Approved stallions Hoffrat, Diztelzar Hoftanzer and Easy Game. Elite stallion Gribaldi is also sire of two Trakehner reserve champions, full brothers EH Hofrat sire of the Verden champion stallion Hotline (De Niro), who sold at auction for the record-breaking price of 800,000 euros. In 2009 the black stallion Bodyguard Gribaldi x Negro x Ulft was the latest addition to the KWPN's list of approved Gribaldi sons. (Photo Anky Van Grunsven riding Painted Black Las Vegas 2009) courtesy of Ree Photographics

Of his own merit Gribaldi won the 1995 Top Stallion Trakehner Stallion in Neumunster. Champion of the 1996 KWPN stallions in `s-Hertogenbosch. 1997 Winner of the 4 year old stallion competition in 's-Hertogenbosch Pavo Cup Reserve Champion of the 4 year old dressage horses and the 1999 Winner preliminary AMEV / Hippo Cup.

His sire, Kostolany, celebrating his 25th Birthday this year is the top Trakehner progenitor who also performed at Grand Prix level. In 1995 Kostolany who made history by siring both the Sieger (Champion) stallion and the Sieger mare. Alongside Gribaldi, Kostolany is the sire of many approved stallions including; Bertone, Showmaster, Silvermoon, Tolstoi, Sans Souci and Polansky. The famous mare Kasette, from “Hauptgestüt Trakehner” forms the basis of Kostolany’s dam line and products of this line include the Olympic Dressage Horse Immanuel (Munich 1972) as well as the Trakehner progenitors Kapitan and Kassius. In 1995, Gribaldi’s full sister Georgina was the best three year-old mare at the Central Mare Inspections in Hessen. Gribaldi’s dam, Gondola II became an Elite mare in 1995 on the basis of her offspring. Additionally Gondola II is the dam of the approved stallion Goldino who was performing at Prix St. George level at the age of seven years-old. Born in 1984 at Gestut Hamelschenburg in Emmerthal, Kostolany (Enrico Caruso - Kapstadt x Falke) was licensed in Neumunster in 1987, champion of his performance test in Medingen in 1989 he has been based his home farm his breeder Otto Langels’ family ever since. He is one of the most influential Trakehner stallions of the past and has had significant impact on other warmblood breeding providing the KWPN.

It has to be said that the genetic foundations of his predecessors are very much what makes Moorland's Totlias the worlds hottest stallion. On the 1st of February 2010 it was announced that Moorlands Totilas would be made available to breeders with a stud fee of between 5000 amd 5500 euros. In the meantime Gribaldi will remain very much at the tip of every ones tongues for some time yet.