Rikkou de Fondcombe


Quito de BaussyJalisco BAlmé
Urgande BPrince du Cy
Neige d'OrionFunchal de SemillyRosire
Ultimée du Chemin
Udelle d'OrionNeptune d'Alary
Feria A

She is the daughter of Quito de Baussy and Neige d'Orion

Beautiful black filly, she has anglo arabian blood through his grand sire, Neptune d'Alary (63% of thoroughbred).

For jumping, she is serious and repeats her jumps, with style.

On June 07, broken-in by Bruno Montginoux.

This mareline, based in Sologne, is coming from Feria A, with a 141 ISO (familly 195, dam "Lirette" in Saone et Loire - Encyclopédie des lignées maternelles) has produced jumping winners through several generations. So Belle Minette B is ranked "good winner in juming" untill 1955.

This lineage gather the blood of Ibrahim, Centaure du bois and Makalu (XX). This last one is the dam's sire of the famous stallion If de Merzé, also from Saône et Loire, born in the famous Martinot breeder family.

Its progeny includes Ebur d'Orion(ISO 142), Heria d'Orion (ISO 144) with Nicolas Touzaint, Gosse d'Orion (CSI* with Candice King et Ludo Philippaerts) who is the brother of the Rikkou's mother, Hello d'Arcy (ISO 157, CSI) and Iria d'Orion (ISO 137).

As an anecdote, Hello d'Arcy and Ionesco de Brekka have had the same rider : Olivier Guillon.

The dam, Neige d'Orion was an AA type, small (1.59m), flexible and nice to ride, available, clever and learning quickly but with a limited strength. Unfortunately died because of colic during her 5th year when she was starting the french "cycle classique" after her foaling at 4 years old.

Regarding the sire, you could read his note. In theory, the crossing is pertinent : the masse, the stength and the courage on the blood, the cleverness and the flexibility. We could check the result soon.