Roxie de Fondcombe


Thunder du BlinKing-cup R.CIsland Earl
Easter Troy
Fort HelenGlenarde
Fort Lady

She is the daughter of Thunder du Blin and Halloween

Beautiful and tall filly grey color.

An independant character to be respected among tall friend horses...

First trial in the paddock on february 07 : trot with amplitude, balanced galopp, suppleness, a lot of energy and reactivity, very willing: a very good pony...

She won the regional pony show at Saint Romain de Jalionas with the note 7,43 (7,67 for the jumping) on june 2007.

Her dam has demonstrated her quality on the fiedl and the sire, connemara, is the stallion who has produced the most performer products in France (60) and he is ranked first on progeny (Eperon 2007).