Saura de Fondcombe


Balou du RouetBaloubet du RouetGaloubet A
Mesange du Rouet
Georgette II
Gazelle de BrekkaPaladin des IfsUriel
Lutine des Ifs
Ukraine de BrekkaMazarin V

She is the daughter of Balou du Rouet and Gazelle de Brekka

Tall filly with a lot of elegance, long radius, points of strength and some white...She is showing big movements, in particular trotting.

First jump, as a yearling, promising...

Her dam has already demonstrated her potential as a mare.

Her sire, Balou du Rouet, oldenbourg, is one of the Paul schockemoehle's stallions.


Ailyria de Fondcombe SF F chestnut, sired by Quidam de Revel, SF

Caranor Fondcombe SF M black chestnut, sired by Kalaska de Semilly, SF

Daario Fondcombe SF M bay sired by Plot Blue, KWPN